Embracing Spring's Charm: A Cherry Blossom Family Session

As winter loosened its grip, the sweet scent of spring finally filled the air – a moment I'd been eagerly awaiting. A client's request for a cherry blossom session led us to a quaint park in Vienna, steering clear of the bustling Tidal Basin in DC.

We knew the blossoms wouldn't be at their peak on our chosen day, a tad later than usual. A quick chat with mom assured me – we were on the same page. It wasn't about perfect blooms; it was all about family connections. With her trust, we picked outfits, crossed our fingers, and hoped for a nice day... and it was! The cherry blossoms were a delight, the weather played along, kids giggled and ran around, and I may have gone a tad camera-happy – can you blame me when joy-filled moments unfold? 😊🌸

a girl wearing pink dress sitting by cherry blossom tree, with umbrella on her shoulder.
Father playfully lifting a boy into the air against a backdrop of cherry blossoms, with the boy joyfully giggling.
A little girl wearing white dress standing by the cherry blossom tree
A family of 4 are standing by a cherry blossom tree
young lady standing by cherry blossom tree and trying to reach the branches.
mother and daughter are sitting under the cherry blosoom tree
a little girl is running happily with cherry blossom background
little girl's portrait
A little girl in a white dress is twirling under the magnolia tree.
The brother and sister joyfully run hand in hand, their hair flying in the sunlight.
A happy family of four walking hand in hand, moving forward together.
The brother and sister happily stretch their arms.
Mom crouching under the cherry blossom tree, holding her son.
sister is holding her bother on the left, a family of 4 image on the right
a couple is sitting under the cherry blossom tree
fater hold his son on the left and mother holds her son on the right
A happy family of four standing hand in hand at the top of the grassy slope.